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Integration overview is an identity provider that integrates with your application using industry protocols. is a FedRAMP moderate approved multifactor authentication and identity proofing platform that makes online interactions with the U.S. government simple, efficient and intuitive.

Integration flow

  • Once a service provider configuration is provided in one of’s environments, users start at your application and are redirected back to via OIDC or SAML protocols.
  • Your application request will determine if the request will be processed as just an authentication request at NIST Identity Assurance Level 1 (IAL1) or as an identity proofed event at NIST Identity Assurance Level 2 (IAL2).
  • New users will either create an account corresponding to the identity assurance level requested (IAL1/IAL2) and returning users will present their existing credentials to reauthenticate into If a user is new to your application they will consent to their information being shared with your application.
  • Upon successful completion of the account creation or authentication, users will be redirected back to your application with the user attributes that correspond to their user level.
  • With the attributes provided by, your application will handle authorization of the user and assign roles and permissions.

OIDC flow diagram

Service provider configuration

This is the configuration for your application within’s identity provider (main application). For the sandbox environment you will be able to configure this yourself. In our production environment, we will manage this configuration.